Replacing deck boards call a professional or DIY

It’s finally time to replace those weathered, rotting, and loose deck boards. You’ve put it off and tried hiding it with a rug; you even rearranged the deck furniture to have a chair or table cover it, but you have run out of options, and it’s time for some deck maintenance. The question is, is it something you can do yourself or do you need to bring in the professionals? The answer lies in your carpentry skills, knowledge of decking options, and the time you have to repair it.

Even though the boards on your deck are pressure treated, the weather and wear and tear take a toll on them. As long as there is no structural damage to the deck, the simplest repair is to replace the damaged boards. Sounds easy enough if you have the appropriate tools like a miter saw, a circular saw, locking pliers, and a cat’s paw—and that’s just a few of the almost 15 tools you will need. Next, is what kind of boards do you use for replacement? The choices range from cedar, to treated lumber, to redwood, hardwood, and exotic wood boards. Of course, you’ll want to match what you currently have, assuming you know what the existing deck is made of. The list to replace them goes on and on.

At Deck Wizard, we have the knowledge and the professional staff to not just fix your deck but bring it back to life. Our deck boards are handpicked and specially conditioned to resist the shrinking, warping, and buckling that’s common with regular pressure-treated boards. Call us today at 877-466-1009 for a free evaluation of your deck and let us answer any questions you may have, including what a cat’s paw is.

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