Deck Repairs

Do you love your outdoor space, but wish you had a new deck? Deck Wizard offers deck repairs that can make your existing deck look as good as new—for much less than the cost of starting from scratch. Since 1945, our team has provided exceptional services throughout Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Don’t consider a new deck until you learn what Deck Wizard can do for you!

Deck Restoration

Many homeowners call us thinking there is no way we’ll be able to restore their deck—but they are usually wrong! Broken boards, deep cracks, and structural issues are no problem for us thanks to our multi-step deck restoration process. We will:

  • Replace rotted wood with our durable composite decking
  • Tighten or reinforce loose connections
  • Sand all horizontal surfaces
  • Remove nails and replace with 3-inch screws
  • Fill large cracks with exothermic polymer filler
  • Sand again to create a smooth surface
  • Apply three layers of our patented coating

Professional Deck Repairs

Even if your deck is falling apart, our deck repair company is up for the challenge. Whether you just have a few loose boards or your deck is on its last legs, we can repair your deck and make it beautiful again! If possible, we will make repairs to your existing deck boards. If the boards are rotted or otherwise beyond repair, we will replace them with specially-treated lumber that won’t warp or buckle.

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Enjoy your outdoor space more than ever with a like-new deck courtesy of our deck restoration professionals. Don’t wait one more day to learn how easy and affordable it is to repair your deck. Call the pros at Deck Wizard today, or fill out our simple online form to request your free, no-obligation estimate for any of our deck services.

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Our Process

We’ll give your Deck a “Face Lift” through a revolutionary and time-tested process depending on condition.


Our standard process includes replacing rotted wood, tightening or reinforcing connections, sanding all horizontal surfaces, removing protruding nails and replacing with 3-inch screws, addressing large surface cracks with exothermic polymer filler, sanding a second time, and applying three (3) coats of our patented coating including primer in one of twelve amazing colors.

Board Replacement

Sometimes, the condition of your deck boards are so bad that re-finishing will not offer the best results. In such cases, we recommend replacing all deck boards with new lumber. However, not just any wood. We buy our deck boards direct from the mill. They are handpicked by our buyers and specially conditioned so they resist the shrinking, warping and buckling common with regular pressure-treated lumber.

Composite Decking

There’s a third option for revitalizing your deck. We’ll take off and dispose of your old wood and replace it with composite materials that are virtually impervious to moisture and virtually maintenance free. Choose from a number of different suppliers including Trex, Timber Tech and Azek in a wide variety of wood grains and finishes.