Professional Refinishing Extends the Life of Your Deck

Your weathered deck will look brand new with innovative deck restoration from Deck Wizard!

Over time, a deck can become stained, cracked, and suffer broken boards and other issues that make It an unusable eyesore. You could tear it down and build another, but we have a better solution! Deck Wizard can restore your deck and make it look better than new. Our deck refinishing and other processes can transform even badly damaged decks—and you won’t have to endure the hassle of starting from scratch.

Deck Wizard has been in the home improvement business since 1945. While much has changed in the industry in the last 70 years, our commitment to providing 100% customer satisfaction has stayed the same. Let us show you how easy it can be to make your old deck new again!

Professional Deck Restoration

Homeowners wonder how we can take a deck that looks beyond repair and make it beautiful again. In some cases, it will take much more than refinishing to get the job done, but we have an innovative multi-step process that can revamp just about any deck. A full deck restoration includes:

  • Replacing rotted wood with specially treated lumber
  • Tightening connections
  • Sanding all horizontal surfaces
  • Replacing nails with 3-inch screws
  • Filling surface cracks with exothermic polymer
  • Sanding again
  • Applying three coats of our patented coating in your choice of colors

The finished result will exceed your expectations, and you’ll get years of enjoyment from your “new” old deck!

Deck Refinishing Company

Some decks do just need to be refinished, and we can help with that, too! Some homeowners try to refinish decking as a DIY project, but in most cases they won’t get the same long-lasting results that professional refinishing can provide. Our deck refinishing company doesn’t simply coat the deck with stain. Our service:

  • Removes algae, mildew, and other growth
  • Protects wood with resins and oils to reduce warping and cracking
  • Restores the original color of the wood
  • Extends the life of the deck by correcting unseen issues before they cause damage
  • Protects decking from boring insects and fungi
  • Includes an impressive warranty that covers both materials and labor

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Fall in love with your outdoor space again with our comprehensive deck restoration services. Call Deck Wizard today for more information about our deck services, or fill out our short online form now to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate.

“Everyone from phone contact, sales representative to the technicians were friendly, helpful and did their job in a very professional and skilled manner. So impressed with Deck wizard personnel and the end result. The improvements of our deck have definitely increased our property value and our enjoyment of the deck. Thank you Deck Wizard!”

Professional Refinishing Extends the Life of Your Deck.
Our Innovative Restoration Process Will Make Your Weathered Deck Look Brand New.
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“Deck Wizard carpenters did a great job rebuilding and finishing our 10 year old deck. Professional, stayed on budget, on schedule despite expansion of the scope of work during the project. Kept worksite clean, and sparkled the area when complete. After its first winter and full summer, still looks like new. Deck Wizard offered free rework for problems, but haven't had a one yet. Strongly recommended.”

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