Winter has arrived, and with the new season we can expect to see another potential threat to the well-being of your deck: snow. That fluffy white stuff tends to get on everything outdoors, including your deck. As the snow levels rise on your precious deck, it’s only reasonable to wonder if it might pose a safety hazard of some kind. For the most part, you don’t have much to worry about, provided that this area is in decent structural condition, but there are a few considerations to bear in mind during the winter months.

If you’re expecting snowy weather, it’s a good idea to give your outdoor deck a cleaning to get rid of all that dirt and debris that will get pushed into the boards under layers of snow. What do you need to do when snow starts to decorate your deck? Not much—your deck should be able to bear the weight of the snow, and the boards generally won’t be harmed. This assumes, however, that your decking materials are in good shape. If not, you might want to clear off the snow—and call a deck restoration company like Deck Wizard at the earliest opportunity.

In general, though, you don’t need to worry about clearing off the snow unless it’s around three feet high. That’s the point where the weight of the snow may begin to put a serious strain on your outdoor deck. If you’re going to remove snow from the deck, be careful when using a shovel. You can easily jam the hard edge into the wood and cause significant damage to your boards. One way to avoid this hazard is to remove only enough snow off the top to get it to a reasonable level. Then, if you like, you can sweep off the remainder with a broom. But as we’ve said, a little snow isn’t anything to be concerned about.