One of the more compelling reasons to have a sunroom, deck, or similar attachment on your property is that it gives you an ideal area for holiday festivities. Sunrooms are especially convenient sites for these get-togethers, as their design essentially allows you to get away from the usual domestic setting and enjoy the outdoors while still benefiting from the comforts of a warm indoor environment. While we’re on the subject of holiday parties, don’t forget that Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Let’s go over a couple of simple suggestions for making Turkey Day a special occasion.

Inspect the Area – This may not be so readily applicable to homeowners who spend a lot of time in their sunroom, but for many people, this area of the house tends to go unused for lengthy periods of time between special events. If so, you need to take a close look at the room before you have guests over for Thanksgiving dinner. Even if nobody’s been in there lately, the sunroom may have sustained damage due to weather or insect infestation. Mold is another issue that can plague sunrooms, particularly ones that lack proper ventilation. Make sure there are no serious issues before the big day arrives. Having your sunroom professionally inspected at periodic intervals is one way to prevent these kinds of problems from sneaking up on you.

Label the Dishes – What is that stuff in the white bowl? Don’t put your neighbors on the spot by making them guess—because some people have food allergies or other dietary restrictions that can’t be ignored. Alternatively, you can try asking your guests in advance if they have any such potential issues, so you can plan your Thanksgiving dinner accordingly.

Plan Relaxing Activities – It’s widely believed that consuming turkey leads to sleepiness, due to the presence of the amino acid called tryptophan. That’s not really true—tryptophan appears in many foods, and turkey doesn’t have an unusually high level of it. Post-dinner sleepiness on Thanksgiving Day is really the result of just plain old overeating, as the body has to expend a lot of energy on digestion. What that means is that you should plan on low-energy entertainment after everyone has left the table. Playing catch in the backyard may not be a good idea, but sitting around watching TV or listening to music might fit the bill.

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