During the fall season, everyone’s thoughts naturally turn to the same subject: What to do about all those leaves on the outdoor deck? They seem to come out of nowhere to take up residence all over the decking, the rails, the furniture, and every other part of the platform. It would seem to be a pro...

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Top Deck Furniture Trends

Decks are often considered an addition to a home, but at Deck Wizard we like to think of these areas as part of the house itself, and deserving of the kind of Tender Loving Care you would give to any other area of your residence. Among other things, this means that it’s a good idea to redecorate...

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As we enter the fall season, the daylight hours shorten, the temperatures begin dipping, kids start a new year of school, and our decks get covered by a messy collection of leaves. In anticipation of the arrival of the winter months, we present a few brief tips on getting your outdoor deck in pr...

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As we like to say, your outdoor deck can be the ideal place to have a little get-together with friends and family, and the end of summer is certainly the ideal time for a party. What can you do to turn these gatherings into special occasions for everyone present? That’s up to you, of course—but we d...

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Whether you’re installing a brand-new outdoor deck or replacing an old one, you’re making a significant investment in time and money—an investment that you expect to provide long-term benefits that will eventually compensate for the initial expense. There’s no doubt that these benefits are substanti...

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Virtually any deck, no matter how well designed, will eventually begin to deteriorate. One of the most common signs of deterioration is the development of cracks in the boards that form the walking surface of the deck. Not only is this unsightly—and potentially harmful to your home’s resale value—it...

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Your deck is constantly aging from the effects of ultraviolet sunrays, rain, snow, wind, and temperature changes. These forces continuously degrade wood so that in just a few years’ time, your deck can lose most of its charm and beauty. It may also develop splinters that create hazards for bare feet...

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Frequent exposure to UV rays can not only dry out your decking but also cause the wood to absorb and retain water, which leads to splitting, warping, cracking, swelling, and rotting—but is sealing your deck the most effective way to protect it from sun damage? Deck Preservative and Wood Sealers Are...

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Our Process

We’ll give your Deck a “Face Lift” through a revolutionary and time-tested process depending on condition.


Our standard process includes replacing rotted wood, tightening or reinforcing connections, sanding all horizontal surfaces, removing protruding nails and replacing with 3-inch screws, addressing large surface cracks with exothermic polymer filler, sanding a second time, and applying three (3) coats of our patented coating including primer in one of twelve amazing colors.

Board Replacement

Sometimes, the condition of your deck boards are so bad that re-finishing will not offer the best results. In such cases, we recommend replacing all deck boards with new lumber. However, not just any wood. We buy our deck boards direct from the mill. They are handpicked by our buyers and specially conditioned so they resist the shrinking, warping and buckling common with regular pressure-treated lumber.

Composite Decking

There’s a third option for revitalizing your deck. We’ll take off and dispose of your old wood and replace it with composite materials that are virtually impervious to moisture and virtually maintenance free. Choose from a number of different suppliers including Trex, Timber Tech and Azek in a wide variety of wood grains and finishes.