5 Secrets to an Affordable Dream Deck

There’s no better way to soak in nature than by spending time on an outdoor deck, but deck installation and repair services can be extremely expensive. Here are 5 secrets for getting your dream deck without the high price tag: 1. Use composite materials. One …

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Cozy Up Your Deck For The Winter

Winter is the time of year when a lot of us prefer to spend as much time as possible indoors, away from the bitter cold. For deck owners, the arrival of winter means that this area of the home tends to get neglected—who wants to …

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Deck Trends Coming In 2018

You may want to restore your deck to make it look nice. Adding deck space provides more opportunities to relax and provide entertainment, and it can increase the value of your property. If deck refurbishing is in your near future, here are some of the …

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Deck Wizard Has a New Site officially has a new look! Our new site is designed to help you discover which deck restoration services suit your needs best. For all of the greater Mid-Atlantic area we provide everything from deck restoration to patios and pavers. Curious about what we can …

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How long is a deck supposed to last

Whether you’re installing a brand-new outdoor deck or replacing an old one, you’re making a significant investment in time and money—an investment that you expect to provide long-term benefits that will eventually compensate for the initial expense. There’s no doubt that these benefits are substantial: …

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How to protect your deck from sun damage

Frequent exposure to UV rays can not only dry out your decking but also cause the wood to absorb and retain water, which leads to splitting, warping, cracking, swelling, and rotting—but is sealing your deck the most effective way to protect it from sun damage? …

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Why does my deck look so bad in the spring

As the first buds appear on the trees each spring, we look forward to entertaining and relaxing on the deck—until you venture out onto it, and you realize it’s looking pretty shabby. From tree limbs, to other debris, to splintering and warping deck boards, you …

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Why does my deck look so old

If you’ve had your outdoor decking for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed the color fading, the boards wearing, and possibly even warping. Being outdoors and constantly exposed to sunlight and the elements is bad news for a deck, and without proper care and …

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