Patios & Pavers in Maryland

Deck Wizard has the perfect solution for adding onto your home’s usable outdoor space in areas where decks simply won’t do. Some homeowners just prefer areas a little closer to the ground and for those we offer a large selection of patios and pavers. Our patios and pavers come in a variety of materials, each with their own unique look and benefits.

Material Types and Benefits:

  • Pavers: Can encompass a variety of materials used to create constructs like patios, walkways, or other outdoor platforms.
  • Concrete: A composite material that can be very cost effective, durable, easy to work with, and is available in a variety of colors.
    • Stamped Concrete: Similar to regular concrete in terms of durability, affordability, and low-maintenance, but with the added benefit of varying designs that can be made to look like any variety of flagstone, brick, cobblestone, etc.
  • Flagstone: A blanket term, flagstone can refer to any sedimentary stone and metamorphic rocks that easily split into flat segments typically used for pavers and patios.
    • Slate: Considered “Flagstone” due to its geological properties, slate is extremely easy to shape. With soft textures and subtle color palettes, slate is ideal for patios and pavers and best suited in sheltered areas.
  • Brick: A composite material, brick is widely available. Its size makes it easy to work with and can be used to create various designs for your outdoor area.

Each type of paver we offer will provide your home with its own distinct style and beauty, which is why we offer so many different types. Whether you want the elegance of slate or the affordable durability of concrete, Deck Wizard can provide you with an outstanding new patio, walkway, or outdoor platform addition. Contact us today to find out more about how we can enhance your outdoor living space with a new patio!

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