Deck Resurfacing in Maryland

Sanding & Renewing Uneven Decks

Over time, decks have become a cost-effective and popular way to extend your usable living space. It gives you a place to relax, host parties, entertain guests, or even have room for outdoor dining and seating. However, if your deck is made from wood, it requires a certain amount of maintenance. If your deck has become warped over time, our Maryland deck resurfacing team at Deck Wizard can help.


Deck sanding can offer many benefits, including:

  • Removes any loose fibers and dried pieces
  • Identifies planks of wood which are uneven
  • Achieves a revitalized appearance and color
  • Spots planks or boards which require repair
  • Smooths edges and protects feet and paws

How Deck Resurfacing Works

The process of deck resurfacing typically happens in four stages: preparation, patch work, sanding, and finishing.

  1. Preparation: Before the serious work of resurfacing can be done, the deck needs to be clean and have a decent base condition. All furniture, décor, and other items must be removed from the deck, all loose nails must be hammered in or replaced, and the entire deck should be power washed thoroughly.
  2. Patch Work: Once the deck is prepped, any cracks in the wood are filled with epoxy to restore deck quality and create a flat surface. Any pieces that are rotten should be replaced with new wood.
  3. Sanding: Once the cracks are filled and any rotten wood has been replaced, the surface of the deck is sanded to create a smooth, even surface.
  4. Finishing: After everything is completed, the final touches can be applied. Stain, paint, and/or decking varnish can be applied to protect the newly resurfaced wood against future damage.

Renew Your Deck With Resurfacing From Deck Wizard

Deck Wizard provides affordable, professional deck resurfacing to customers in the Baltimore, MD, Williamsburg, VA, and Harrisburg, PA areas. Since 1945, we’ve been offering homeowners great prices on a broad variety of services including deck maintenance, and patio or sunroom installation. With no-interest financing and a comprehensive warranty on both labor and materials, we’re ready to help you breathe new life back into your deck this year.

Avoid the risk of DIY disaster by trusting your deck renewal to the Deck Wizard experts. We train our deck resurfacing crew to spot and fix any aesthetic or functional damage, whether it is one small spot or a whole area of the deck.

If you are interested in a free quote, please reach out to us today at (888) 391-6207.

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