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At Deck Wizard, we are ready to help if your deck is not looking its best. If the boards on your deck are rotted or dried out, if you have exposed nails, if you have loose steps, or if you are simply tired of its old worn-out appearance, we offer a number of deck renovation solutions that will get your deck looking in top shape.

When we renovate a deck, we do it the right way. We never pressure wash or use water-based sealers that evaporate in a few weeks. Instead, we follow time-tested deck restore methods so that your deck will keep looking good for many years to come.

We Always Sand!

Why? Because it is the only way to properly remove the oxidized layers of worn-out wood that keep your deck from looking its best. Sure, sanding is hard work, which is why most deck cleaning services rely on a quick pressure wash. The problem is that pressure washing damages the wood and actually accelerates the aging process. Wood was never made to withstand 2,000 pounds per square inch of water pressure. On the other hand, sanding a deck removes damaged surface layers evenly, preparing newly exposed wood for proper sealing.

Fixing Exposed Nails

Loose or exposed nails on your deck are unsightly and potentially dangerous, especially if you’ve got children or pets running around. The deck refinishing pros at Deck Wizard will make sure any exposed nails are dealt with appropriately and replaced where necessary, keeping your deck safe for bare feet in the summertime.

Repairing Loose Boards

Over time, the fasteners that hold a deck together begin to loosen. When that happens, it is not uncommon for some deck boards to bend, warp, or separate from the underlying supports. At Deck Wizard, our team of deck construction specialists will repair or replace loose boards and rotted wood, including damaged posts, steps, beams, and ledger boards.

Fixing Unsafe Railings and Structural Supports

Most decks only require cosmetic repairs. However, sometimes there are serious structural issues that need to be addressed. If a support post is rotting away, at some point it will fail, causing the entire deck to topple. Similarly, loose or damaged rails are a building code violation that could cause serious injury or even death. Our deck renovation crews are specially trained in all manner of deck repair. In extreme cases, we can even apply temporary supports while we remove and replace structural elements.

Please contact our office today at (888) 391-6207 if you would like to make an appointment or to request a complimentary estimate. Our deck maintenance team serves Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Tidewater, Richmond, and Central Pennsylvania.

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