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Adding a deck to your property is an excellent way to add living space. However, if you have not maintained it properly, you may find that it has become stained and broken over time. Would you like your deck to be completely enhanced and look brand new again? Our Maryland deck restoration team at Deck Wizard can help.

Benefits of Deck Refinishing painting-deck

When your once gorgeous deck has lost its original luster, a professional deck refinishing can bring it back to life. Refinishing your existing deck is a process of restoring and protecting your initial investment, allowing you to continue enjoying your deck without having to replace it completely when the damage adds up in a few short years.

There are a number of fantastic benefits to having your deck professionally refinished, such as:

  • Removes algae, mildew, and other surface growth from outdoor decking
  • Reduces warping and cracking by softening and protecting the wood with resins and oils
  • Restores the original color and vibrancy of the wood
  • Extends the lifespan of the deck by correcting issues before they can do further damage
  • Renews deck staining and provides an opportunity to change colors
  • Gets the job done properly without risking a DIY failure
  • Fungicide/insecticide treatment protects the wood from damage from fungi and boring insects
  • Comes with a full warranty on materials and labor from Deck Wizard

…and much more!

Why Choose Deck Wizard for Refinishing?

Deck Wizard is the authority on deck refinishing in the Baltimore, MD, Williamsburg, VA, and Harrisburg, PA areas. Since 1945, we’ve been offering homeowners great prices on a broad variety of deck, patio, and sunroom installation and services. With no-interest financing and a comprehensive warranty on both labor and materials, we’re ready to help you breathe new life back into your deck this year.

If you choose to renew your outdoor decking with Deck Wizard, there are a variety of steps we can take to restore your deck, including:

  • Stripping of existing color or product
  • Re-staining for natural woods
  • Special treatments for soft woods

It is important that you pick a new stain which is as dark as you wish, as most colors will lighten over time. We can help you choose a color if you are uncertain. We would like to offer you a free quote on deck refinishing services.

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