Deck Resurfacing Services in Baltimore, MD

Many homeowners in the Baltimore metropolitan area take pride in maintaining an attractive deck on their property. It’s no mystery why they do—if you have a well-maintained deck, you also have the perfect spot for informal get-togethers, quality time with the family, or just watching the sun go down after a long day at work.

Unfortunately, decking materials tend to deteriorate, due to weather, foot traffic, and the passage of time. As a result, you can expect your precious deck to lose its luster as the months and years pass. What can you do to revitalize your deck? You can call Deck Wizard; we’re deck maintenance experts who have been active in the Baltimore, MD region since 1945.

Benefits of Deck Sanding

Having your deck sanded by trained professionals is one way to reverse the aging process. Sanding removes loose fibers that often appear on the wood of your deck; it also smooths out edges that could harm bare feet. This will restore the deck’s color and overall appearance, making everything look fresher and more appealing. Furthermore, the sanding process provides the additional benefit of pinpointing areas of the deck that may be in need of more extensive repairs.

The Deck Resurfacing Process

The Deck Wizard team has developed a four-step method of resurfacing old, worn-out decks.

  • Preparation – Our team will thoroughly clean the deck before beginning any serious resurfacing. This means power washing all areas of the deck. Prior to washing, however, all furniture must be removed, and all loose or protruding nails have to be fixed.
  • Patch Work – The team then applies epoxy to any cracks found in the wood to create a flat walking surface. All rotten or defective planks are replaced.
  • Sanding – Now the team sands away flaws in the boards to smooth out the surface of the deck.
  • Finishing Deck staining or varnishing helps protect the restored deck from the hazardous effects of weather and foot traffic.

When correctly performed, this process results in a brand-new deck that you will be proud to own.

Call Deck Wizard for First-Rate Resurfacing of Your Deck

For homeowners in the Baltimore, MD area, Deck Wizard has become the name they trust for deck maintenance, resurfacing, refinishing and related upkeep services. In addition, we design and install patios and sunrooms. Call us at (888) 391-6207 for a free quote.

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