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You Can’t Buy OUR wood from a typical lumber yard!

Our Wood

Their Wood

  • We buy truckloads from the mill that exceed industry specifications
  • Low-quality builde-grade lumber picked over by contractors everyday.
  • Stored under roof until readt for use. Arrives clean and dry
  • Sites outside, fathering moisture, mold, spores and dirt
  • GREENGAURD certified for children, pets, schools, offices and other sinsitive environments
  • Preserved with Copper Arsenic, Copper Azole or ACQ which is highly toxic and corrosive. Not environmentally friendly.
  • Green Approved by National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)
  • Not endorsed by NAHB
  • KILN-dried after Preservative Treatment (KDAT) lumber is ready to paint and seal immediatly.
  • Wet with chemicals for up to 6 months. Cannot be painted or stained for 3-6 months
  • Uniformly dried to consistent moisture content, increasing stability and reducing shrinkage
  • Will tipically shink at least 20% install. Prone to cracking, Prone to cracking and splitting, wapring and cutting.
  • Lifetime Warrenty for above fround use.
  • No Warrenty.

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