Top Deck Furniture Trends

Decks are often considered an addition to a home, but at Deck Wizard we like to think of these areas as part of the house itself, and deserving of the kind of Tender Loving Care you would give to any other area of your residence. Among other things, this means that it’s a good idea to redecorate your deck the same way you would periodically revamp your living room, your kitchen, or your basement. Installing some new furniture is an excellent way to inject new life into your deck. For inspiration, let’s have a look at a few recent deck design trends.

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Multifunctional furniture – Even really high-quality outdoor decks can seem kind of cramped, as there’s often not quite enough room to fit everything—and every person—in the area comfortably. That’s especially true when the party or get-together moves into the deck area. Multifunctional furniture offers one way to save space. You can purchase elegant tables that open up to reveal ample storage room inside, or a ready-to-use armchair stored within. Or how about a modular sofa whose cushions can be arranged in various configurations? Ottoman furniture is also ideal for deck use, as it can typically be utilized for multiple purposes.

Natural textures – Nowadays, a lot of homeowners prefer a rustic, outdoorsy look for their deck. That makes a certain kind of sense—as your deck is exposed to the elements, it’s usually a sound strategy to complement the colors and textures of nature. Why go through the bother of renovating your deck if you’re going to put cheap, garish plastic chairs on it? Furniture in which red and orange colors dominate can go a long way toward harmonizing your deck with the natural world around you.

Water fountains – We’re not talking about the drinking fountains they had in the hallways of your high school. We mean those stylish tabletop fountains where water flows through elegantly arranged tiers or rock formations. These are inexpensive products that can be easily set up on your deck. Many of these fixtures come with recirculating pumps that provide hours of hands-off relaxation.

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