Give Your Deck a Facelift with a Deck Restoration

A common problem, this time of year, is you begin to notice that your much-loved wood deck is showing signs of the many hours of fun you, your family, and friends have spent on it. It’s hard not to notice the cracked, splintered, and weathered boards.

Obviously, you need some deck repair, but do you need to build a new one or can your deck be refurbished to its original glory? Fortunately, many of the problems associated with your wood deck are cosmetic and not structural, making deck restoration the best solution.

deck - restoration

Deck restoration involves replacing rotted boards, filling cracks, tightening all screws, bolts, and fasteners, replacing nails with screws, sanding all horizontal surfaces to a smooth finish, and applying primer and coating. It’s a job best left to professionals who can assess the condition of the deck and make sure it is safe to use. You can do your part to maximize the life of your deck by having it cleaned thoroughly once a year.

At Deck Wizard, we want you to feel proud to entertain on your deck, so we go the extra mile when it comes to deck restoration, like filling as many cracks as possible with a hard polymer and putting on three coats of our patented coating, including a special primer to keep your deck looking beautiful.

Mother Nature can wreak havoc on your deck. Take the time to give it the care it needs with a simple phone call to Deck Wizard. Call us today at 888-516-9273 for a free no-obligation evaluation.

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