How to Decorate Your Deck for a Homey Look

As we have mentioned in the past, a deck can be the hub of your household’s social activities, a place where you can fire up the barbecue, listen to music, chat with neighbors, or just watch the sun sink below the horizon. To get the maximum benefit out of this space, though, you need to put some effort into decorating it—just as you would with any other living space of the home. In that spirit, here are a handful of tips for making your outdoor deck a comfortable environment for you and everyone else. home - deck

Match the Colors – A lot of people tend to think of their deck as an addition to the home rather than part of it. That may explain why so many decks utterly fail at complementing the prevailing color scheme of the house. Don’t allow your deck to clash visually with the rest of your home—be sure to select furniture and other accessories that coordinate with the colors of your homestead. If need be, break out the paintbrush and apply some appropriate coloration yourself.

Add Pillows – What signifies homey comfort more than pillows? Make sure you have a number of cushions for guests and family lounging around on your deck. In keeping with our advice on color, be sure to select pillows that properly coordinate with your décor.

Set Up Lights – If you really want to create a relaxing ambience, install some lighting so you can keep the area illuminated with a warm glow as the moon rises—it’s a great way to extend the day. If you have a staircase leading up to your deck, you should consider installing lights here as well so guests can see the steps after dark.

Cover the Floor – Some nice rugs and other floor coverings can go a long way toward giving your deck that cozy lived-in feel. In addition, they provide an extra level of safety if you’re concerned about splinters protruding from the floor boards (you may also want to consider professional deck refurbishing services to tackle worn-out floor boards).

Remember, a full deck restoration can add value to your house, but the right décor can truly make your outdoor space a part of your home.

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