Throwing the Ultimate End of the Summer Party on Your Deck

As we like to say, your outdoor deck can be the ideal place to have a little get-together with friends and family, and the end of summer is certainly the ideal time for a party. What can you do to turn these gatherings into special occasions for everyone present? That’s up to you, of course—but we do have a few ideas we’d love to share with you.

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Use Lighting – If you plan on keeping the party going after sunset, be sure to string up some lights. It’s a great way to create a relaxing cocoon of light, and lets everyone see what they’re doing while out on the deck. But what if you don’t have any electrical outlets accessible outdoors? Consider using solar lanterns—an inexpensive but effective source of light that stores energy via solar panels.

Don’t Forget the Water – If it’s hot outside—and it very often is in the late summer—you can do your guests a favor by providing them with water bottles. Keep a portable water cooler on the deck for easy access.

Pump Up the Volume – Music provides another way to set a party atmosphere. For one thing, having music to listen to lets people feel that they’re properly participating in the festivities even when they’re just relaxing in a chair; it’s also a good conversation starter. Just don’t make it too loud—people need to be able to talk to each other without yelling.

Manage the Mosquitos – Nothing kills a festive mood like mosquito bites. Fortunately, it’s not hard to discourage their presence for a while. One trick is to get rid of any standing water in the immediate environment, like birdbaths and flower pots, both of which tend to collect rain—and, in turn, attract mosquitos. Additionally, you may wish to spray some picaridin (“puh-CARE-a-din”)—a powerful EPA-approved insect repellant—around the deck.

Concerned your outdoor space has seen better days? Before you begin decorating your deck with lights and brainstorming end of summer party ideas, it’s a good idea to consider deck restoration services by Deck Wizard. We’ll come out to your home for a free evaluation to make sure you have a stable, attractive deck to entertain on for many summers to come.

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