The Best Ways to Get Your Deck Ready for Fall

As we enter the fall season, the daylight hours shorten, the temperatures begin dipping, kids start a new year of school, and our decks get covered by a messy collection of leaves. In anticipation of the arrival of the winter months, we present a few brief tips on getting your outdoor deck in proper condition for the season. Consider this your quick annual deck maintenance checklist.

deck - tips

Wash It Off – Even if you’re not planning on using your deck in the near future, it’s a sound idea to clear away all the leaves, twigs, and other random debris that tends to accumulate on the surface. Little pieces of organic matter can find their way into tiny cracks in the boards, which isn’t good for the overall health of your deck. Be sure to avoid pressure washing, however—that can damage your deck boards.

Inspect Everything – Now that you’ve gotten rid of that blanket of leaves, you should take the opportunity to look over the entire deck—the flooring, the railing, the steps, the supports, and everything else. This is a good time to do it because the summer heat can accelerate the aging process, and you may notice emergent defects that weren’t present earlier in the year.

What should you look for? Take note of any cracks, especially ones around fasteners. Really tiny cracks don’t need to be repaired, but you’ll need to keep an eye on them to ensure that they don’t get worse. Mold should be removed, as it can progressively damage the deck. Finally, excessive creaking or “give” in the flooring as you walk across it is a good reason to call a deck restoration professional—like the ones at Deck Wizard.

Prune Surrounding Trees as Needed – If you don’t want to keep clearing away leaves and organic bits all season long, then you may wish to cut off any overhanging tree branches. Be sure not to get carried away with your efforts, though, as your trees can provide shade during sunny weather.

Follow these simple tips and your deck will be providing you and your family a relaxing entertainment space for years to come.

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